Spinal Treatment Center.

Spinal Treatment Center is the only one clinic in Slovak republic that solves your spinal problems with the complete treatment within your life style.
Viera Agnerova, M.D.

Company director

Specialist for:
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Musculosceletal/Manual medicine
  • Acupuncture

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturdays & Sundays

open on request

tel./fax: 00421-2-529 257 03


Who and what is BIOTHERM.

The company was found in 1991. The former founder of the company is Viera Agnerova, M.D. Among the company's first activities was the organizing of musculosceletal and acupuncture courses and training. During these years 250 doctors and 340 physiotherapists were trained. Since 1997 Viera Agnerova, M.D. has been running a clinic BIOTHERM Spinal Treatment Center, where you can find a complete treatment and preventive care of the musculosceletal system.
What we treat at Biotherm.
  • musculosceletal system(back and upper and lower limb disorders)
  • degenerative joints diseases
  • headaches and dizziness
  • bad posture and children and teenager scoliosis
  • work and sports injuries(tennis and golfer's elbow, sprains, problems with ligaments and meniscus in the knee)
  • lifestyle disorders
  • some allergy conditions
  • women's functional sterility

What we offer at BIOTHERM.

  • initial musculosceletal examination with therapy
  • neurological examination
  • X-ray examination
  • acupunctural examination
  • special physiotherapeutic methods
  • stroking techniques
  • Vojta method
  • Pilates method
  • movement therapy
  • trampoline exercise
  • Posturomed exercise
  • ball gymnastics
  • new forms of relaxation
  • classical and segmental massages
  • acupuncture
  • moxa
  • laser therapy
  • magneto therapy
  • electrotherapy
  • Rebox
  • special traction therapy


L.C.S.P. (Assoc.)

Member of London & Counties

Society of Physiologists (L.S.C.P.)


Been practicing for over 11 years and worked at London's most prestigious Fitness center and a leading integrated medical center on the world famous Harley Street, London.


1. remedial massage

The application of massage as a remedial therapy is based on a through understanding of anatomy and physiology. The aim is to restore balance to the musculosceletal system by working on muscles, tendons, joints, fascia and ligaments.

The correct and balanced function of the musculosceletal system also helps in maintaining other systems in the body, such as digestion, excretion and respiration.


2. understanding massage

Most people seem to think that the human body is capable of self-repair ad infinitum. The truth is that everything we do in work, in sport and even in everyday living takes its toll. The injuries we sustain, however little we may notice them at the time, are all detrimental to the body's efficiency. Massage can play a major role in maintaining the efficiency of the effects of ageing.


3. conditions likely to respond to treatment


Massage is now widely used in

  • treatment of work and sports injuries
  • preventative during sports training and competition (muscles are well-balanced, smooth and relaxed when resting, and toned and strong in action)
  • ensures that the muscles after sports are relieved of stiffness and soreness
  • conditions such as low back pain and upper limb disorders ( tennis elbow, golfers elbow, sprains, strains and cartilage problems)

Massage after initial first-aid treatment helps the damaged tissue to heal quickly and correctly with the maximum of scar tissue, adhesions and loss of mobility.


By increasing the patient's awareness of anatomy and physiology and the need for good posture, the therapist can also help the patient adopt a healthier approach to work, practice and recreation, so avoiding over-use and damage to joints and soft tissues.



First consultation.

Much can be learned from an initial consultation, which is carried out at BIOTHERM by Viera Agnerova, M.D. The consultation ensures there are no contra-indications to massage being performed for the individual.

All remedial massage treatments last for approximately 55 minutes. This form of massage is not a Full body massage, but concentrates on specific areas focusing on injuries, postural problems or deep seated tension.

A general treatment can be performed if requested and this would include back, neck and legs.